Monday, 17 June 2013

What size am I?

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Hello lovelies, sorry that this post is a little belated. I've been a tad busy lately. One of my biggest hates is no knowing what size I am. Everywhere I go the sizing is completely different some stores I'm an eight, then in others I'm a ten and some I'm a twelve. Okay, so it all depends on the stores sizing but it's incredibly annoying. Even sometimes in the same shop I'll buy two different sized tops because one was too big/small. In different shops you can sort of understand it can be annoying but once you've got used to it it's fine but in the same shop it's irritating! 

Sometimes when you're in a rush or are just simply not in the mood to try clothes on, you just want to buy something quickly and easily. Now I find increasingly that I have to try things on! In my opinion one of the worst stores for this is H&M, I absolutely love their clothes but I don't think I would buy trousers from there. In their tops I buy an eight or ten and even in the skirts I buy an extra small. Once I bought a pair of size eight trousers from there and they fit me perfectly. Another time I went in there and I tried on a ten and I struggled to do the zip up. I still wear the size eight trousers too, I could understand if I'd gained weight or something but to my knowledge I haven't and I still wear the other pair.

Please don't say I am the only one who has this problem? Sorry if it was a bit of a rant.
Thanks for reading, lots of love xxx

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Monday, 3 June 2013


Hello lovelies, so I've been shopping again, online shopping on this occasion. I've ended up buying quite a few nail polishes. I ordered them from fragrance direct, some of you may have heard of it. They basically do make up and perfume at cheaper prices than what they are retailed for. I bought £13 worth of make up, which should've been over £45! 

I purchased eight nail polishes and one lipstick, which was Rimmel's Kate Moss shade 26 and it was just two pound! 
Then I also got some essie nail polishes which were all £2, £6 cheaper than the retail price! I got Fear and Desire, Mojito Madness and Off The Shoulder. £6 for all three instead of £24 at retail price, I feel I got quite a little bargain there, which is more than a good excuse for buying them.
Lastly I got Rimmels 60 Seconds nail polishes which were £1 each!! I already had two of these in Blue My Mind and Green With Envy, I bought both of these in boots a year ago and I always really liked them, they dry really fast plus they're even easier to apply. So when I saw them for £1 each I couldn't resist buying one or two or five. I got Pink Punch, Ready, Aim, Paint, Instyle Coral, Blackout and Camouflage. They're all 8ml but as you may have noticed in the picture Camouflage is actually bigger than all the rest and is 12ml, even more for your money!

I got some real bargains, plus the delivery was only two pound! You should definitely check fragrance direct out if you would like a better variety of nail polish colours or even just some nice colours for half the price.
Thanks for reading, lots of love xxx

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Amfar Cannes benefit

Hello lovelies! So some of you may have known that the Amfar Cannes benefit gala was the other night and I've chose some of my favourite fashion looks for you all to look at.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, amfAR
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
I love Rosie's style, it's usually fairly simple pieces but they look so beautiful. She looks flawless here as always. I love the simplicity of her dress and the outfit. The shoes look great too. I like that she has her hair down to make the outfit even more effortless. I am thinking of doing a post on Rosie's style because she always looks stunning.

Irina Shayk, amfAR
Irina Shayk
She looks absolutely beautiful in this dress, the colour and detailing are exquisite. I love her gold clutch as it looks lovely with the pink. The dress is perfectly tailored and she looks amazing.

Bonnie Wright, amfAR
Bonnie Wright
Lastly is Bonnie Wright, again she is styled quite simple but it's still effective. She looks gorgeous. The only thing I could criticize is I think it could've been a little tighter before it pulls in at the waist but that's just me being picky.

Thanks for reading, lots of love xxx

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