Sunday, 24 March 2013

KCA 2013

I'm so so sorry, I'm back again the past week I've been so confused and indecisive it's unreal but here I am again...
Many of you may have heard that yesterday was the nickelodeon kids choice awards, which I admit is hardly a fashion event but there were definitely some beautiful dresses that night. So I am going to share some of my favourite looks.

Little Mix
I love what Jade's wearing, with the polka dots and the bow she looks like minnie mouse but I bet you already thought that. They sell them both at topshop, which is when you know you're a little topshop obsessed when you look at what someones wearing and know for sure where it's from. So I searched topshop and found the links if you would like to recreate Jade's look. Polka dot crop top, they also do it lots of other colours if you don't want red. I couldn't find the skirt in red but they have a dress version. However I did find the skirt in green and they also sell the green top so you could be a green version!

Zendaya Coleman and Lucy Hale

I love how simple and effortless Lucy Hale's look is. I also love the pink bag which matches her pink lipstick as it adds more colour to her outfit. Zendaya is one of my favourites of the night! The skirt is gorgeous with all the pastel colours which is perfect for spring! I love the jumper and the collar is just perfect!

Victoria Justice Actress Victoria Justice arrives at Nickelodeon's 26th Annual Kids' Choice Awards at USC Galen Center on March 23, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

Victoria Justice and Debby Ryan

Another sign of me being a topshop addict I noticed Debby Ryan's dress straight away and I've always loved it on their website and I'm so tempted to buy it now. Here is the dress link. As I just wrote that I thought right I'm going to get it, then as I was getting the link I found out they only have it in a size 16 now! It looks beautiful on her and now I am unbelievably jealous! Why didn't I buy it before?? Victoria also looks great I love how bright and vibrant her outfit is and it's perfect for summer!

nickelodeon kids' choice awards red carpet

Khloe Kardashian and Stefanie Scott

I love both these outfits, these and Zendayas were my favourite of the night! I love the bright pink on Stefanie's dress and the detailing at the top, it's so perfect. I would definitely wear it myself. Again I'm left with outfit envy! Khloe looks flawless. I love white dresses but I don't tend to wear white due to my pale skin that never tans! 

I literally can't choose a best dressed they all look amazing, who was your favourite of the night?
Thank you for reading, lots of love xxx


  1. Love all these looks!


    1. Me too! I got major outfit envy looking at them!xxx

  2. Zendaya and Stefanie Scott looked amazing!

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  3. Great looks ! My fav is Stefanie Scott's dress...the colour is fab! xo

    1. It is such a beautiful dress!xxx

  4. they all look sooo cute :D

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