Sunday, 28 April 2013

Revlon lip butter review

Hello! If you read my recent haul you may have realized I finally got a Revlon lip butter. I know, it's about time, every blogger has been raving about them for a while now, it might've been a year now! Anyway I finally got one and I completely understand the hype. I usually don't buy hyped up products because I always find them to be a let down, they usually aren't as great as you build them up to be in your mind, hence why I waited so long. The shade I got was 27 Juicy Papaya. 

Sorry about my chubby fingers and my unpainted nails...

A couple of swatches.

So enough of the pictures, now for the actual review. I wasn't actually sure on the colour when I picked it up because there were no testers left, but I hoped for the best and picked it up anyway the lid colour was pretty and summery so why not take a chance? Well I did, it must've caught me in a good mood, usually I'd be pretty dubious. As soon as I got home I had to try it on, as soon as I buy make up I usually go home and try it on straight away unless it's nail polish. Am I weird, or do you do this too?
Anyway I couldn't really see it that well due to bad lighting and whatnot. But I could tell the consistency was super moisturizing, which I was delighted about. I use way too much vaseline on my lips aswell as using lipstick and it's kind of annoying when a lipstick dries out your lips. I guess this is isn't specifically a lipstick, the whole butter thing suggests that but hey. 
When the lighting was good enough to see the colour, I was really happy. It's such a pretty colour and my first impression was right, very summery. At first the colours not very bright but it is easily built and you can't expect it to be extremely pigmented. It isn't advertised to be and it is so moisturizing. It acts as a lip balm so its not going to be overly pigmented. Plus it makes it better for summer in my opinion, you can have lip colour but not too bright, more effortless and easy.
I love the colour and I am so happy I got it. Now I am desperate to try out some more, at the moment I'm after candy apple. 
I would give it 9/10!

Any colour recommendations for these lip butters?

Thank you for reading, lots of love xxx

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lets talk about body image and dieting!

Hello! Now this is a slightly different post to anything I've ever posted before, which can be a little nerve-racking as I don't know if it will be something you lovelies will approve of. But I hope it is! After reading an article in 'Look' magazine I found out that the average woman goes on 104 diets in a lifetime. Now if this is the average then there must be women who go on more diets than 104 which I find quite startling. 

The article talked about Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha in Sex and The City, admitted she had been on a diet since 1974, that is 39 years! Now that's longer than my lifetime so far! As women why do we have such poor body image that we feel the need to diet so long? And deprive us of food and things we could possibly enjoy because we're too absorbed in this idea of the perfect body. I mean I know a lot of us would love to look like some sort of Victoria's Secret model.

Some of us just aren't made to look like this and if we all did there would be another sort of extremity we'd all be going to so that we could get a different body that we would deem as 'perfect'. Okay so we diet to get our idea of a good body image so we can exude confidence. Sometimes this isn't the case, our ideal body changes and dieting can get so extreme that it can lead to eating disorders. Yet the media still constantly talks about dieting as some type of glamorous affair. Dieting isn't the major problem I mean it is perfectly normal to diet to become healthier and more toned.

Personally I believe that more should be done to prevent girls from feeling so negatively about their bodies. Obviously we all have a body but our opinions vary on the perfect body or how we would like our body to look. Girls as young as ten are worried about their weight. Plus half of teenagers would consider surgery to change their appearance. What does that say about us as a society? I know that when I was ten, weight certainly wasn't one of my worries. Okay I didn't want to be overweight but I would never have considered dieting. If girls as young as ten are considering dieting, what are we telling them to make them feel this way? Or is it just everything on the TV? I mean we may not think children at the age of ten are paying much attention to the weight of that girl on the telly. But obviously they are and for a ten year old to feel that way, there is obviously more influence than just some girl on the telly. Is being skinny mistakenly being mixed up with being 'pretty'? I'm a firm believer in that everyone is beautiful, some people may not believe this but even if you're not beautiful to them, I guarantee you will be to someone else so we shouldn't let this crush our confidence. When you look at yourself in the mirror you are more likely to notice flaws in your appearance, or find insecurities. Once you've noticed these insecurities your eyes are drawn to them and subconsciously we work ourselves up about these insecurities. Believing they're way more noticeable than they are. Sometimes people compliment your figure and maybe at that time we will say thank you and feel flattered but it's soon forgotten. But if someone criticizes your appearance, it sticks in your mind and you always think about it, wondering if other people around you notice it. Why is this? Why can't a compliment stay with us and make us feel confident?

Many of you may have heard of the Dove real beauty campaign, I've found a few photos of the campaign if you haven't heard of it.

As I previously said there should be more campaigns about this or we should put more money into schemes like this. Not only should we use these at secondary schools, but at primary schools as well after the statistic I found earlier. If we teach children from a young age to be confident and to love their body and the skin they're in, maybe we could lower the amount of eating disorders and other problems. People may believe money should be put elsewhere but I even would say the government should inject money into these schemes. Treating an eating disorder will last a long time and cost the NHS money and other body related issues are also paid for by the NHS so putting money into a scheme would probably save money in the future and also stop the negativity between girls and create a more positive outlook on women in society.  

I know this post is very opinionated and I'm terribly sorry if any of my views have offended anyone, I honestly would hate to do that.

Thank you for reading. Please comment if you like more personal posts like this and if you would like me to do any more in the future, along with my normal posts of course. Lots of love as always xxx

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Haul - Forever 21, Topshop, Primark, H&M, etc.

So this is the second part of my haul which consists of all clothes. Sorry the pictures all got a little jumbled up, so none of the clothes are in shop order. Anyway let's start the photos!

Mint green jumper - £14.99

Forever 21
Lace peplum top - £16.75

Joni Jeans - £36

New Look
Shirt - £15

River Island
Space print blouse - £28

Forever 21
This is the back of the top, the front is plain so I thought I'd show the back.
Bow top - £14.75

Peplum tops - £4 each

H&M (Apologies for the photo, it isn't too great!) 
Orange mesh top - £4
Yellow flower top - £14.99

Forever 21
Mint acid wash top - £12.75

So these are the lovely clothes I bought, I did purchase a couple of dresses too but I found them too hard to photograph!
Most of you have probably heard about Topshops Joni jeans, they're vintage looking high waisted jeans. They're so flattering and stretchy around the legs too. So if you aren't that interested in buying a pair of high waisted jeans but want a pair of skinny jeans I would definitely recommend these, they're the perfect fit. I might have to buy them in a slightly different colour. Which says a lot for me as I'm not a huge fan of jeans!
You might've seen from the first part of this haul I got quite a few bits of jewellery from Forever 21, I also found quite a few nice bits of clothes, there were a few other bits that I picked up but they were dark colours and the weathers started to lighten up recently so I've been feeling rather summery. I put the other bits back, they were too wintery, even though it probably wasn't the best idea the weather does seem to be pretty unpredictable, but I was too excited for summer and lovely warm weather. It's about time the sun came out to say hello!
You may be able to tell most of the clothes I bought were summery! Or summery colours, but why not I need to be excited about something! Plus I love pastel colours so there was no better excuse to buy pastel coloured clothes than spring/summer!
H&M definitely have some lovely summer clothes in at the moment, after receiving their catalogue, I had a huge list of things to get but didn't see any of them in store which I was quite disappointed about. They had a few bits but they were the wrong colour or size. However I did find some other goodies that were just as amazing. I have been H&M since too and found a few other lovely bits. I know two shopping trips to H&M in a week, a little crazy!
As you may be able to tell I'm absolutely in love with mint green, I love the colour and would probably count it as one of my favourites! Everywhere I went had mint green clothes I was overwhelmed and decided to buy just a few bits. It was definitely my choice of colour!
Now I've bought most of my spring clothes I just need the weather to warm up now too!

Thanks for reading, lots of love xxx

Anyone else excited for summer?

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beauty, Jewellery and Accessories Haul - New Look, Forever 21, Primark, etc.

Sorry it has been a little while since my last post. It's just been one of those weeks where life gets in the way of things. The other day I embarked on a long shopping trip, which was over six hours! But I haven't been shopping for a while, which is what I've been saying to reassure myself that what I spent was perfectly acceptable... Anyway enough of the self loathing for spending too much. I've decided to split my haul into two parts because I didn't want it to be too long for you! So this post will be jewellery, make up, bags, shoes and so on. The next one will be all clothes!

American sweets

The journey home before I started to eat my laffy taffy, the traffic was bad, I was hungry, why not?

Primark shoes.
Black loafers - £8
Studded ballerina shoes - £3
Studded cream loafers - £6

White studded satchel - £9

Purse - £10

New Look
Earrings - £3

New Look
Dream catcher ear cuff - £3
Arrow and cross earrings - £4

Forever 21
Cross necklace - £2.40
Triangle earrings - £1.65
Turquoise and gold necklace - £5.65
Pastel stud bracelet - £3.15
Silver cross bracelet - £4.90

Garnier moisture match moisturizer - £3.99 
Models own nail polishes - Fuzzy Peach, Pink Punch, Luis Lemon - £5 each
Revlon nail art moon candy - 200 Moon Dust, 230 Satellite - £7.99 each
Revlon lip butter - Juicy Papaya - £7.99

Like I said I did pick up quite a bit. I love American sweets so when I saw this little stall I couldn't help myself. I bought mint M&Ms, cherry laffy taffy and Wonka chewy runts. All I can say is why don't they sell mint M&Ms in the UK? They're amazing! If you ever see some pick them up! Although M&Ms cost about 60p for a normal packet and the mint M&Ms cost nearly £2! Quite a lot for a packet of sweets, but I was in a good mood and decided to treat myself. 
I got to the shoe section of Primark, which was full of sandals but I felt it wasn't warm enough to be buying sandals quite yet. But a few pairs of shoes caught my eye, usually I don't buy shoes in Primark, sometimes I do but I never find this many pairs that I like. The first was a pair of black loafers which have little triangle cut outs which are quite cute. The next to were both on offer. The cream studded loafer were reduced from £10 to £6 so I couldn't help myself. The last pair of shoes the black studded ballerina flats said they were £6 and when I got to the till they were only £3, but hey I'm not complaining! 
Everyone raves about forever 21 jewellery but the first time I went in there I wasn't impressed there were a few bits that were okay, but nothing majorly caught my eye. But this time I went in there and there were loads of bits I loved, I could've bought so much more but I had to restrain myself. There was another necklace that I was desperate to buy but they only had it on display, but all the other jewellery goodies certainly made up for it.
Lastly I went to Boots and the main reason I went in there was to buy the Revlon moon candy nail polishes, I also wanted to get a blue one but they were sold out, so I opted for a Revlon lip butter instead. It was 3 for 2, so I had to get one more thing. I was also on the search for a neon yellow nail polish and found a Models Own one. I've already tried it out and have to say I'm pretty impressed. I only have one other nail polish by Models Own so I was kind of new to their nail polishes and from the yellow one I'm impressed. The one I already have is a glitter top coat so not a proper nail polish like these, if you get what I mean. Also I received a free sample of the Garnier moisture match moisturizer and I loved it so I decided to pick one up, plus it was £2.50 off!

Thank you so much for reading, lots of love xxx

Have you picked up anything new lately?

Friday, 5 April 2013

No7 Palette

Every year at Christmas as part of boots gift range they bring out this exact palette full of No7 goodies. My mum buys it for me every year, this palette hasn't yet been used but they contain all the same things every year so I'm currently still ploughing through my other one. You can buy all the stuff in the palette all year round otherwise this review would be a little pointless.

I'm going to start with the top layer which is full of eye shadows and lipsticks. 
Starting with the left side of eye shadows the colours are:
Then the next shades are sold as a palette but there names are:
Eden Dark
Eden Medium
Cappuccino Dark

Now for the right side:
Vivid Violet
Island Sea
Then again the next three are sold in a palette together and the colours are:
Storm Medium
Storm Dark
Organza Medium

Now for the lovely lipsticks, which are all No7 Moisture Drench lipsticks (from left to right):
Red Carpet

Out of all the lipsticks I use waterlily the most and it's perfect for spring/summer. It's such a beautiful pink colour. I also use Red Carpet but thats more for the evening time for me, I love red lipstick but I just don't wear it in the day. My favourite eye shadows are Mink, Eden Dark and Eden Medium. Which are all the neutral colours, I don't really like wearing coloured eye shadow but in this palette they're all quite sheer so I do actually use the coloured ones too!

Then there is the bottom layer and again I'm going to do the left side first then the right side.
Left side:
Coral Flush
Dandy Pink
Soft Damson 

Right side:
High Lights Illuminating Powder in Island Glow
No7 Perfectly Pressed Powder Translucent

I use the right side of the powder to highlight and contour a little I don't know if the second powder is meant to be used for that but it's way too dark for my whole face, seen as I am very pale. Out of the blushers I use Honey the most it's such a gorgeous colour although it looks a bit dark considering I've just mentioned my pale skin once put on it isn't as dark because again it's quite sheer. My second most used blusher is Soft Damson, it's such a pretty pink colour and it isn't too bright for my skin.  

I love using this palette as it has a great selection of colour for your lips, eyes and cheeks and everyone can use it. It's so pretty. If your not too interested in buying any of the colours but do like quite a few then definitely look out for this palette nearer Christmas! 

Thank you for reading, lots of love xxx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Monochrome trend

As you know monochrome is a huge trend for this spring/summer. So I decided to collect a few of my favourite monochrome items and shove them into a blog post. Black and white are such classic and easy colours to wear and even if monochrome isn't next years key trend you can still wear it, no problem. I love houndstooth print, so these shorts are perfect whether it's just for the day in the summer, if we ever get any sun... Or dressed up on a night out these shorts are amazing. I love the flatforms and have been wanting them for quite a while but I am not entirely sure what I'd wear them with. Leather styled skirts have been around for a while now and this skirt is so cute with the block of white. It's different from all the others I've seen. As you can see I've got another pair of shorts which are floral, perfect for spring/summer and the flowers are back so you can still pull them off with a pair of tights on a warmish winter day!

I'm a huge fan of the monochrome trend, are you?
I would love it if you could comment ideas that you would like to see posted. 
I will be posting a haul some time next week. 
Thank you for reading, lots of love xxx