Sunday, 28 April 2013

Revlon lip butter review

Hello! If you read my recent haul you may have realized I finally got a Revlon lip butter. I know, it's about time, every blogger has been raving about them for a while now, it might've been a year now! Anyway I finally got one and I completely understand the hype. I usually don't buy hyped up products because I always find them to be a let down, they usually aren't as great as you build them up to be in your mind, hence why I waited so long. The shade I got was 27 Juicy Papaya. 

Sorry about my chubby fingers and my unpainted nails...

A couple of swatches.

So enough of the pictures, now for the actual review. I wasn't actually sure on the colour when I picked it up because there were no testers left, but I hoped for the best and picked it up anyway the lid colour was pretty and summery so why not take a chance? Well I did, it must've caught me in a good mood, usually I'd be pretty dubious. As soon as I got home I had to try it on, as soon as I buy make up I usually go home and try it on straight away unless it's nail polish. Am I weird, or do you do this too?
Anyway I couldn't really see it that well due to bad lighting and whatnot. But I could tell the consistency was super moisturizing, which I was delighted about. I use way too much vaseline on my lips aswell as using lipstick and it's kind of annoying when a lipstick dries out your lips. I guess this is isn't specifically a lipstick, the whole butter thing suggests that but hey. 
When the lighting was good enough to see the colour, I was really happy. It's such a pretty colour and my first impression was right, very summery. At first the colours not very bright but it is easily built and you can't expect it to be extremely pigmented. It isn't advertised to be and it is so moisturizing. It acts as a lip balm so its not going to be overly pigmented. Plus it makes it better for summer in my opinion, you can have lip colour but not too bright, more effortless and easy.
I love the colour and I am so happy I got it. Now I am desperate to try out some more, at the moment I'm after candy apple. 
I would give it 9/10!

Any colour recommendations for these lip butters?

Thank you for reading, lots of love xxx

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  1. On the look out for Candy Apple, too. Can't find it anywhere!
    .Georgina Clare.

    1. Oh, I hope I can find it. Good luck to you too, hope you can get it!xx

  2. Pretty colour, Hope you had a great weekend xx

  3. Great review and good choice of colour it looks lovely! X