Sunday, 14 April 2013

Haul - Forever 21, Topshop, Primark, H&M, etc.

So this is the second part of my haul which consists of all clothes. Sorry the pictures all got a little jumbled up, so none of the clothes are in shop order. Anyway let's start the photos!

Mint green jumper - £14.99

Forever 21
Lace peplum top - £16.75

Joni Jeans - £36

New Look
Shirt - £15

River Island
Space print blouse - £28

Forever 21
This is the back of the top, the front is plain so I thought I'd show the back.
Bow top - £14.75

Peplum tops - £4 each

H&M (Apologies for the photo, it isn't too great!) 
Orange mesh top - £4
Yellow flower top - £14.99

Forever 21
Mint acid wash top - £12.75

So these are the lovely clothes I bought, I did purchase a couple of dresses too but I found them too hard to photograph!
Most of you have probably heard about Topshops Joni jeans, they're vintage looking high waisted jeans. They're so flattering and stretchy around the legs too. So if you aren't that interested in buying a pair of high waisted jeans but want a pair of skinny jeans I would definitely recommend these, they're the perfect fit. I might have to buy them in a slightly different colour. Which says a lot for me as I'm not a huge fan of jeans!
You might've seen from the first part of this haul I got quite a few bits of jewellery from Forever 21, I also found quite a few nice bits of clothes, there were a few other bits that I picked up but they were dark colours and the weathers started to lighten up recently so I've been feeling rather summery. I put the other bits back, they were too wintery, even though it probably wasn't the best idea the weather does seem to be pretty unpredictable, but I was too excited for summer and lovely warm weather. It's about time the sun came out to say hello!
You may be able to tell most of the clothes I bought were summery! Or summery colours, but why not I need to be excited about something! Plus I love pastel colours so there was no better excuse to buy pastel coloured clothes than spring/summer!
H&M definitely have some lovely summer clothes in at the moment, after receiving their catalogue, I had a huge list of things to get but didn't see any of them in store which I was quite disappointed about. They had a few bits but they were the wrong colour or size. However I did find some other goodies that were just as amazing. I have been H&M since too and found a few other lovely bits. I know two shopping trips to H&M in a week, a little crazy!
As you may be able to tell I'm absolutely in love with mint green, I love the colour and would probably count it as one of my favourites! Everywhere I went had mint green clothes I was overwhelmed and decided to buy just a few bits. It was definitely my choice of colour!
Now I've bought most of my spring clothes I just need the weather to warm up now too!

Thanks for reading, lots of love xxx

Anyone else excited for summer?

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  1. Lovely post dear :) Love the space blouse!

    Please check out my I love spring tag?


  2. Love everything you got! Great choices :)
    .Georgina Clare.

  3. ah love these purchases! great post :)

    amy x

  4. Love the first two items...the mint sweater looks so cozy and that lace peplum top so looks sophisticated! xo

    1. Thank you and it is! It's so comfortable aswell!x

  5. In loveee with the new look shirt and mint green jumper!:) lovely blog, now following xxx

  6. Hello darling!!
    Have to say that your blog is so original and a good inspiration, I really like your last post :)
    Come to my blog and give your opinion, i really appreciate it:

    1. Hello, thank you very much:) Of course I will xxx