Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beauty, Jewellery and Accessories Haul - New Look, Forever 21, Primark, etc.

Sorry it has been a little while since my last post. It's just been one of those weeks where life gets in the way of things. The other day I embarked on a long shopping trip, which was over six hours! But I haven't been shopping for a while, which is what I've been saying to reassure myself that what I spent was perfectly acceptable... Anyway enough of the self loathing for spending too much. I've decided to split my haul into two parts because I didn't want it to be too long for you! So this post will be jewellery, make up, bags, shoes and so on. The next one will be all clothes!

American sweets

The journey home before I started to eat my laffy taffy, the traffic was bad, I was hungry, why not?

Primark shoes.
Black loafers - £8
Studded ballerina shoes - £3
Studded cream loafers - £6

White studded satchel - £9

Purse - £10

New Look
Earrings - £3

New Look
Dream catcher ear cuff - £3
Arrow and cross earrings - £4

Forever 21
Cross necklace - £2.40
Triangle earrings - £1.65
Turquoise and gold necklace - £5.65
Pastel stud bracelet - £3.15
Silver cross bracelet - £4.90

Garnier moisture match moisturizer - £3.99 
Models own nail polishes - Fuzzy Peach, Pink Punch, Luis Lemon - £5 each
Revlon nail art moon candy - 200 Moon Dust, 230 Satellite - £7.99 each
Revlon lip butter - Juicy Papaya - £7.99

Like I said I did pick up quite a bit. I love American sweets so when I saw this little stall I couldn't help myself. I bought mint M&Ms, cherry laffy taffy and Wonka chewy runts. All I can say is why don't they sell mint M&Ms in the UK? They're amazing! If you ever see some pick them up! Although M&Ms cost about 60p for a normal packet and the mint M&Ms cost nearly £2! Quite a lot for a packet of sweets, but I was in a good mood and decided to treat myself. 
I got to the shoe section of Primark, which was full of sandals but I felt it wasn't warm enough to be buying sandals quite yet. But a few pairs of shoes caught my eye, usually I don't buy shoes in Primark, sometimes I do but I never find this many pairs that I like. The first was a pair of black loafers which have little triangle cut outs which are quite cute. The next to were both on offer. The cream studded loafer were reduced from £10 to £6 so I couldn't help myself. The last pair of shoes the black studded ballerina flats said they were £6 and when I got to the till they were only £3, but hey I'm not complaining! 
Everyone raves about forever 21 jewellery but the first time I went in there I wasn't impressed there were a few bits that were okay, but nothing majorly caught my eye. But this time I went in there and there were loads of bits I loved, I could've bought so much more but I had to restrain myself. There was another necklace that I was desperate to buy but they only had it on display, but all the other jewellery goodies certainly made up for it.
Lastly I went to Boots and the main reason I went in there was to buy the Revlon moon candy nail polishes, I also wanted to get a blue one but they were sold out, so I opted for a Revlon lip butter instead. It was 3 for 2, so I had to get one more thing. I was also on the search for a neon yellow nail polish and found a Models Own one. I've already tried it out and have to say I'm pretty impressed. I only have one other nail polish by Models Own so I was kind of new to their nail polishes and from the yellow one I'm impressed. The one I already have is a glitter top coat so not a proper nail polish like these, if you get what I mean. Also I received a free sample of the Garnier moisture match moisturizer and I loved it so I decided to pick one up, plus it was £2.50 off!

Thank you so much for reading, lots of love xxx

Have you picked up anything new lately?


  1. Great stuff! I'm jealous haha. I love the jewellery from New Look especially the ear cuff :)

    Jamie ♥

    1. Thank you! Haha don't be! It's really pretty and good for £3!xx

  2. sheesh I honestly want everything you bought! I am craving Skittles now after seeing the pic of the stand! ahh! lovely post:D xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

    1. Thanks and I know I was tempted to get some myself but there was too much choice! Thank you :) xx