Monday, 6 May 2013

April favourites

Hello, this is a slightly delayed April favourites post seen as we are a few days into May now. Is it just me or has this year gone super fast. I'm not one for monthly favourite posts, I don't change my make up a lot I tend to stick to the stuff I have. Well, I say that but I do change quite a few things but just not monthly so it wouldn't make a very good read if the favourites are the same every time. 

Models Own Nail Polishes: Fuzzy Peach, Luis Lemon & Pink Punch
I'm obsessed with neon nails this summer, especially yellow so I picked up these two models own ones which were in my haul, click here if you haven't read it and would like to. Well anyway I fancied getting the pink too and then they were 3 for 2 and I was after a peachy colour so I got fuzzy peach. They're all £5 each. I love the neon colours I have worn both and they dry really quickly. Plus they're matte nail polishes and they feel super nice when they're dry. If your liking neon nails right now, then definitely try the models own ones out.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy: 200 Orbit & 230 Satellite
Again these were both in my haul and these were £7.99 each. I wore the black one this weekend and it is so cute. Again it dries super fast; I get bored when I am waiting for my nails to dry and tend to get distracted easily, which leads to them smudging and being an absolute mess. I love how fast they dry which is making me extremely tempted to buy some more Revlon nail polishes. As soon as I finished my hand I waited for less than a minute and they were dry. The glittery bits look very cute too!

Revlon Lip Butter: Juicy Papaya
Again this was featured in my haul and I have also done a review that if you haven't read now you can if you click here. Wow, I have done a lot of links today. Anyway I don't want to right too much about this for those of you who have read my review, as you may find this tedious and boring. Straight to the point, it's a beautiful colour and its just amazing.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara
I don't know if this really counts as an April favourite considering I've only just started to use it in May but it's on here now. I also got a mini one free today with Elle magazine so if you don't want to splurge and buy this you can try it out first. They also sell mini ones in boots for £9.50 if you can't find Elle. Anyway enough with all the availability. It is a phenomenal (wow, big word.) mascara. It is very lengthening and volumising but it can get a little bit clumpy sometimes but other times its perfect. But I just brush through them with another mascara wand or an eyebrow brush, strange huh? I am planning to do a full review of this mascara so watch out if you're interested.

Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara  
Now I have also reviewed this before so there is a link here. So again I don't want to be too boring and repeat the same things to you all. I know I got this towards the end of March but I've been loving it in April too! Anyway its really good, I personally like it a lot, not as much as the Benefit one but it is pretty close and considering it is about a third of the price, I will be repurchasing. 

Real Techniques Brushes: Contour & Detailer
These were featured in my haul that I posted yesterday, click here. I love the detailer for concealer and it is the perfect size to apply concealer. Plus it is super soft and feels lovely on your skin. I like all the brushes in the collection but these are the two I seem to get the most use out of.

Sorry for the link overload.

What have you loved in April?

Thanks for reading, lots of love xxx

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  1. I really want the lip butter and the full size of They're Real! by Benefit, as I only have the small tube. Great favourites!

    Jamie ♥

    1. Thank you and they're both really good but benefits mascaras definitely a bit of a splurge xx