Sunday, 19 May 2013

Liebster award

Hello lovelies!
Today I discovered that the lovely Katy had nominated me for the liebster award, so here it is!

Now I shall get on with the 11 facts, which are surprisingly difficult to think of but here they are:
1. I know vanilla cokes only just come back to the UK but I already have a slight addiction to it!
2. My favourite food is chocolate and oreos. Can you tell what a healthy diet I have?
3. One of my favourite films is parent trap, I'll never get too old for that film! I still haven't tried oreos in peanut butter but I am determined to try!
4. I'm very easily distracted, which is really annoying when I'm trying to work.
5. Topshop is one of my favourite shops.
6. I love spring because it is a perfect excuse to wear pastel colours as much as possible.
7. I think I might have a slight shopping addiction, I'm always on clothing websites lusting over new clothes, a tad sad I know, but a girl can dream.
8. The first album I bought was atomic kitten!
9. At the moment I am obsessed with Bastille and Nina Nesbitt, if you haven't heard any of their music, you need to!
10. I'm a total girly girl, if its pink I'll buy it.
11. The last one has to be special but I can't think of any amazing revelations, so it ended up being something completely random but I am a hoarder, I'm not as extreme as the ones you see on the telly that keep literally everything but I am quite bad. I hate getting rid of things!

1. Are you a winter or a summer person?
I'm not sure, is that weird. I love summer because I like warm weather and summery colours. However trends tend to be better in the winter. But I would probably say summer!
2. Salad or Pizza?
Pizza, definitely. I don't like vegetables, in a salad I will only have cucumber and lettuce, I don't like anything else. I am a very fussy eater.
3. What is your dream job?
Now this changes a lot but I am sure that it would be something fashion related. I do have three dream job choices which are a fashion buyer, a stylist or a fashion journalist. One that's slightly un-fashion related is that I'd love to be a photographer, I say slightly because you could be a fashion photographer which I'd also love. Ultimately I would love to own my own shop, where I could buy the clothes, style the photo shoots and be the photographer.
4. Favourite perfume?
'Viva la juicy' by juicy couture or Ralph Lauren '4'.
5. Favourite place you have ever visited?
This is quite a tricky question, I love so many places, I would probably say Florida, I'm a little bit of a disney fan and when I was younger like most children I loved disney so I would have to say Florida because I had an amazing time there!
6. If you could have dinner with anyone (present or past!), who would it be?
Again such a hard question, I'm going to name a few people, it doesn't say just one, that would be too hard to choose. I love Marilyn Monroe she is stunning and just amazing and Audrey Hepburn, they are style icons! Then I love Bastille, he is just amazing! I know I'm overusing the word amazing but these people just are amazing. Nina Nesbitt she is beautiful and so is her voice. I would also invite Olly Murs, a beautiful human being once again. There's too many, I couldn't choose! My dinners turning into a bit of a dinner party! A few other names I'm just going to chuck in before I bore you all: George Orwell, Albert Einstein, Mila Kunis, Joe Swash like I said way too many!
7. What is your most prized possession?
These questions are too hard! My immediate answer was phone- how materialistic. But then I let myself do a little thinking and I would probably say my memory book, I have photos, tickets, everything you could shove into a book!
8. What skincare product can't you live without?
I'm really rubbish at skincare, I've stopped moisturizing to at  the moment because I got a new moisturizer and I started getting a few spots so I stopped using it. I'm quite lucky in the sense that I don't really get spots but this gave me quite a few.
9. Favourite video game if any?
I don't really play any video games but I do love love love the sims if that even counts.
10. Most embarrassing moment?
Wow there is honestly too many. I am easily embarrassed so there's a whole library of embarrassing moments in my life its too hard to choose one! Anything to do with speeches, presentations, all that kind of stuff. I go as red as strawberry, I speak really quietly and don't take my eyes off the floor, I just find them humiliating.
11. Do you like cats?

Yes, I actually have a cat.

My 11 questions
1. Your favourite make up product ever!
2. What's your favourite song?
3. Favourite fashion trend?
4. Who is your fashion icon?
5. Favourite things to do?
6. Favourite food?
7. Do you have any phobias?
8. What is your biggest pet peeve?
9. Where would you love to go?
10. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
11. What's your dream job?

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  1. Bastille are soooo amazing, this now makes me want to try Nina Nesbitt!! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. I know! You definitely should! If you do let me know what you think!xxx